New to Garuda - My Garuda freezes for like 5 minutes after start/loading

I had today the same problem… computer freez after few minutes after boot… every time… nothing relevant in journalctl… i also had packagekit use 100% of one core… I tried updating system but got bunch errors about “extra” not readable or something…

I restored snapshot from 2 days ago and uninstalled packagekit and discover and did garuda-update and so far ok… I use kernel-amd and I had some errors on update when nvidia dkms was installing… but after reboot games works so I dont know if it was relevant…

anyway strange coincidence, two people in similar time with similar problem :slight_smile:

LOL! Almost nothing happens in a vacuum in Linux, which is what one hopes to find when trying to troubleshoot problems. Singular problems are more difficult to solve. :slight_smile:


Hello Everybody and thank you for all the help you gave me.-
Im sorry I couldnt report yesterday, the forum didnt let me post because Im new here… But here I am with the resolution of my case.

I finally fixed the issue!!! I uninstall qt5 - packagekit and discover with the help of a friend who knows about linux. The problem was my fault cause I didnt investigate more about Discover and installed it to make things easier (as I said before Im not very good with commands and using the konsole). And as I said before I read about Discover in an article.

They never said it was at your own risk or mention anything about Discover being not recommended. Put yourself in my shoes, Im new to Linux and Garuda, I read this article and I thought “WoW lets try this store”… Never again, better play safe.

The commands I used were:
sudo pacman -Rns packagekit packagekit-qt5
sudo pacman -Rns discover
sudo rm /etc/passwd.pacnew
After all these commands I did a system update using Garuda Assistant

A Huge Thank You to all the people that tried to help me and pointed me in the right direction to solve my problem!!! BTW I LOVE GARUDA AND IM HAVING A BLAST WITH IT - NEVER BACK TO WINDOWS…


Better, before you delete a .pacnew file is to use meld to check the diff.

sudo -E DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff

IIRC to delete it was correct.

Make an alias in the, eaasy to use in the terminal.

alias pacdif 'sudo -E DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff'

For updates (garuda-update, upd or update) and install, please, use the terminal, it needs less than 4 min. for all installed apps and the system.
Remember how long it needs for this in M$ :smiley:

There is nothing–nothing wrong–with Discover. It’s the optional packagekit dependency that is the problem.

It’s an easy mistake to make but, again, it is up to each user to examine the potential for unforeseen consequences of what they install, and what happens when they do.

That’s why Gawd, exhibiting supreme wisdom, had “They” create Forums, Search Icons, Wikis, Knowledge Bases, and Google.

Gawd is still sorry about that last one.


Sure, technically there is nothing wrong with Discover (apart from packagekit), but there is a reason why I recommend Garuda users to use the preferred method of updating Garuda, which is the garuda-update command. The command’s ability to update garuda-hotfixes before anything else is worth it alone in my opinion (not to mention a lot of other automation and other fixes that are pushed to it).

GUI package managers can be nice to look at and see what packages are out there with details (like optional dependencies).
GUI package managers can be a convenient way to install new packages after running a garuda-update . I rarely use them myself, but I know bauh (a GUI package manager) can come in handy on complex packages with large optional package lists.


I agree with most of what you say.

In the past I have found Discover to be very useful in the Garuda KDE Lite Edition, where I use it to install and maintain basic window dressings, icons, etc.

And I use it to install two KDE Plasmoids for NordVPN, which is the preferred method.

And there are also a couple of games exclusive to Flatpak, so I use Discover to install them, also.

But Garuda KDE Lite Edition is for Advanced Users Only. It even says so: Garuda Linux | Download

And I consider that I qualify.

However this is posted in the Newbies section, and everything you state is applicable and appropriate to that section. :slight_smile:

Newbies, don’t do what Great-Grandpa does! :slight_smile:

Thank you, my friend. :hugs:


BTW Guys I think we can close this topic since it was solved…

Then check the solving post, please.

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