New to Garuda/Arch, not to linux, any tips for creating KDE extension?


Ive made my full switch to Linux, a year ago.
I have more experience with gnome/ubuntu based distributions (pop os!)

Now Garuda caught my eye, and made me switch to Arch Linux based.
Now I'm wondering, any good resources for making extensions for KDE?

Made some custom extension for gnome, to see my song that is playing on my volumio, raspberry pi, and would love to make something similar on Garuda.

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KDE doesnt use extensions you mean widgets?

Hi there, it's nice to hear that you're interested in making something productive.

First thing, which programming language have you used in your project?

Anyway, it shouldn't matter a lot. Because most extensions work os independent, i.e. they are de specific. Try them on Garuda Linux Gnome and tell me does it work?

(Though I guess if it had worked, then you'd not asked the question here :sweat_smile:)


Ive got experience with javascript, php.
Well changed to KDE, with Garuda.
The extension was pretty simple:
requests data from Volumio api.
prints artist + song in my panel.
Now need to make something similar for KDE.

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Tbh, I don't have any experience with extensions (or Plugins). But here is tutorial, if you want to make in C.