New thoughts on Garuda Suckless (and it's death)

So I tried Void Linux. It was painful, but it's mostly my own fault. Now I think that there is no point in reinventing the wheel and making another minimalist runit distro. My idea is too similar to Void. Void has some advantages over Artix too. Here is a list of my thoughts over the course of learning about Void:

  • xbps is very fast, it's definitely faster than pacman in most cases (at least for me)
  • xbps-src is essentially AUR: source files + scripts to make them.
  • you don't need bridge packages for systemd stuff as void is made from scratch and has its own services in place for them, unlike Artix which is forced to use it's own packages on top of Arch (recently they even disabled arch packages and left only theirs).
  • tui install in void is very neat. The only thing that is missing there is the offline manual for cases where you don't know what you are doing, but it's easy to fix (still working on Garuda's own manual).

Basically, I don't think that it's worth my time to make Garuda Suckless because Void already made most of my dreams come true, but there is another thing that I learned from this experience - how hard it was to use for a new user because not enough info was available offline. I'm comfortable with Elinks, but what if somebody has issues with figuring out why their wifi is off, and they don't have another device with internet connection in place?

That said, I think that my Garuda Suckless project is over. But, I have another concept in mind. I also installed Arcan (a new display server, game engine, graphics API and much more) and Durden desktop environment that's specifically built for it. And it's very, very cool. You can change almost every aspect of it with a built-in GUI. It's a little messy and unintuitive, but possibilities are endless. I will provide some screenshots in a separate post after I figure out how to make them. Maybe I will call it Garuda Durden or something.
Thanks for reading!


Void is its own Distro with over 12 years under its belt so its not fair to try to compare with Artix, If you really want a systemd free Arch distro then Obarun is the winner it takes a lot of work as Arch does not help and will not help why should it anyway.
I have used both Void and Obarun in the past 2 great Distros that I was happy to help with but now i've retired from helping with projects


the problem is, I'm not sure anymore. Maybe I should make this new desktop void-based, as arcan is in default repositories, no need to compile.

Void and Artix are in my multiboot collection of distros.

I fancy void runs slightly faster but I haven't bothered with proper tests.

I like them both , but then my computer usage is pretty standard , run of the mill stuff.

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Definitely. It's really, really fast.

Interesting! I will try them out, I'm very curious.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and good luck with your new project


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