New Realease of distro and Updating throug pamac

Forgive my stupidity, yes i'm going to ask something stupid but i have to know since yes, i am stupid enough to ask this.

After configuring everything i want with my Garuda Machine, i've found out that there's a new release of the same distro that i am using, so i thought hey, maybe if i use the terminal and do command "sudo pacman -Syyu" my now distro would be the same with the new distro.

or for me to be able to be really updated, do i have to install the new release distro?

Well, most probably, you will get latest os.

But you may miss a few things, depending upon edition you earlier installed. For example, we switched to tkg kernel recently

But don't worry, most of things are same. It doesn't matter a lot.
If you are still doubtful , please check logs.


Garuda Linux is a rolling-release distribution. This means that you can keep the software versions up-to-date with a single command:

When there is a

this means there a new installer image available, not a whole new version of the distribution.

The only reasons to reinstall using the new installer image are:

  1. There is a new default setup which you don't want to install yourself;
  2. It fixes a bug you have hit during the installation process (and so don't actually have a working installation);
  3. You want to use a different desktop environment and don't want to work out which packages to install;
  4. You want to wipe and start again completely fresh.

In short,