New podcast episode on Garuda Linux

Hey guys, we talked about Garuda Linux on our latest episode of the forkbomb podcast. PS: I love this distro! Listen and comment when you get a chance.

Episode 33 - Garuda Linux


Listened to the podcast, it was in fact quite pleasant to do so. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Great podcast show, and overview of Garuda. I loved the one guy's rage against Latte dock. LOL.

Honestly, I just tested the CPU usage when fanning latte's icons, and it barely changes from 3%. I am not seeing the high CPU rates. I also read not to use the git versions, which can cause this (and I am not) so maybe that has something to do with it.


Thanks for listening guys! We have a bunch more other episodes if interested. We may make a follow up episode with Garuda members if people are interested .


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