New kernel notification popup but no new kernel that I can see

Yesterday I received a popup notification about there being a new kernel and to update it from "Garuda Settings Manager". The only 5.13 kernel I'm seeing there is linux-mai, and if I launch Plasma's kernel manager the only 5.13 kernel there is linux-mainline. Was the notification a mistake por is thjere something I'm missing since I'm running the 5.12.13 zen kernel at this time? Thanks

I am not sure if it is an order but I would not follow it if I were you.

Is fine. :slight_smile:


I had no intention of installing it till it's been out at least a week to see if anyone had issues with it. I just wanted the exact name so I can add it to the ignore list till I feel it's perfectly safe to install. Just thought it was odd that the OS would of notified me and not simply offered it during a regular update.

I forgot the name of the Help app, which I don't have on my PC, that tells me there are new kernels. That's all.
I don't think it's standard on all Garda DEs. Maybe from Manjaro IIRC.

I don't know what app informed me, all I do know is it told me if I wanted to install the kernel to go to kernel under Garuda Settings Manager. No worries here. If it pops up again I'll just grab a screen.

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