New Installation

If I re-install Garuda on a different drive will all my settings be preserved if I copy my entire /home/ directory to the new user? what kind of issues can I expect ?

I know its best to always start fresh but I'm hoping for a shortcut here to save time. I'm moving Windows as well which means I've gotta re-install all my apps and games there too.

All of your user's settings will be preserved. Having a separate /home is my preferred way of partitioning an install for that reason - you can install the rest of the OS leaving all of your files and settings intact.

The main caveat is making sure that the user ID matches between installations. This isn't normally a problem as the first user and their group is always numbered 1000, but check that the permissions match.

The other thing to keep in mind is that any customisations you have made to the OS (e.g. editing files under /etc, software you installed) won't be preserved. But, sometimes that's a good thing.


thanks, I think its just my fstab file in /etc I need to move which I've configured manually.

edit: will the UUIDs still be the same ? (besides the primary drive of course)

sorry another question: which version of sddm is included with the 20210507 Gaming Edition ISO?

UUIDs will change when the drives are formatted.


I've completed the new installation and copied the entire /home/ folder over, so far no issues. all my configs are intact as well as files.


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