New Garuda user

Hi all.
Ive had a break from linux for around 2 years.
Imagine my suprise when I came across garuda linux.
Im usually a debian man with kali linux on board but let me just say what a wonderfull job Garuda has done with this OS.
I usually break installations within say 6 months as I am naughty and run as root alot.
Ive tried to break this one without success and every facet has been thought out to perfection.
Ive installed needed black arch tools no problem and this OS flies along at a clip.
Im using a laptop at least 5 years old but with 32 gigs of ram and it just loves it.
As my arch skills improve I can see this OS being a real weapon.
Anyways just my opinion on a job well done.



Welcome back to Linux and



Hello and welcome Richo!

I'm glad you have fun with Garuda Linux and getting into Arch in general :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Garuda community @richo338.


You will find it very hard to go back to any Debian based distro after you have become accustomed to an Arch based system. Have fun, and fix it till you break it, (you can always do a rollback). :wink:


yes loving arch and yes roll it back haha

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Thanks mate..loving it so far.

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welcome to garuda!

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