New Garuda Neofetch Logo | Soon!

The order for the areas is

sudo sed -i '/"Garuda"/!b;n;cset_colors 4 6 8 1 3 7' /bin/neofetch


Color palette start at 0
So first value for text "sgs@i3" is 4

For white logo and text use 7 7 7 7 7 7
For india logo use maybe 7 4 3 7 2 4 or 7 7 3 7 2 4

For user, they want start immediately

change /bin/neofetch (today line 7262 :slight_smile: )

            set_colors 7 4 3 7 2 4
            read -rd '' ascii_data <<'EOF'
          .88Xx;;             8X8x:.    
         .tt8xX                 x8x8;   
       .t%xx8:         ${c6}d${c3}         Xxx.8: 
      .@8x8;        ${c6}.db:${c3}          x8xx@;
${c4}    ,tSXXX°       .bbbbobabobobobobb8x@:
   .SXxx°        dBbBbBbBbBbBbBbBbB:S;8.
  ,888S°                           ;8SS 
 .@8@%°                            ;8:  
  x%888      .d@88@8@X@X8X@@X@X@8@Xx    
${c5}   .x8X@:   db8x8x8b8b8x8s8x88b88x;     
    .xxS88                  .@8@;:      
      .x.88               .Xt@x;        

Do not ask how you can change files in /

Make a backup from "neofetch" file :slight_smile:

After each upgrade from neofetch or neofetch-git you must do again both changes (backup your neofetch) until the new eagle is inside.
When the new eagle is in neofetch then you need only your settings (make alias) like

sudo sed -i '/"Garuda"/!b;n;cset_colors 4 6 8 1 3 7' /bin/neofetch

Happy neofetch :slight_smile:


Post your own color style in this thread, please :smiley:



I am going to have to try to make the ASCII version look more like this... it's the apparent angle that makes the difference I'm sure (a 45 rather than 30 from vertical)

Please do. Think about the colors (4) for the ascii logo.

Problem is, if it fit in size (small) and correct angel you cant see correct Logo.
If the angel fit (45°) then the logo is too big.

But maybe I overcomplicated it. :smiley:

Good luck. :slight_smile:

I suspect I'll need it! My theory is that the ASCII logo will end up too 'short' to fill up the space, but something else can be added to it... match up the length used by the output options. Will probably take a few tries to get it right!

I like it quite a lot, I started using Garuda a couple of days ago but never quite liked the logo, think the new one looks way better! Decided to go with a simple black on white take on it:


Dude, my eyes :joy: :wink:

And welcome to the forums :relaxed:


If you don't sit in front of the computer 26 hours a day like we do, it might work without burning your retina.




Well - here is a try to increase the angle on the logo - I just don't know!

Comments will be handled OK.... I can take it!


Not bad :smiley:


Angle in red circle. And Garuda text must be in the middle.
You see that it is difficult to equate him with the original.
But I think you can do it :smiley:

(I adapted it more to the letter G.)

Since neofetch hasn't made any changes yet everything is still open :slight_smile:


Wish I'd had the capability to do the overlay - trying to do it with only an untrained eye! Version 2 will be along...



Whoever asks wins :wink:


With your overlay example (but not an actual overlay), here is version 2...


Nearly :slight_smile:
Text is good, maybe without text?

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OK - minor tweaks - and did you mean drop the Garuda text? Did, but can be restored if wanted to fill the space :grin:

Not sure much would be gained by more tweaking, but you never know....


Very good :slight_smile:

  1. d one back
  2. For more space between and yellow part.
  3. Remove some for a good angel.

How I said it

Good work so far :slight_smile:

If possible also post the text file :smiley:

From Neofetch-git came today already a second upgrade after my amendment from 9 days ago, but it is not included. You have to be lucky sometimes :wink:

Ah, all the days I have green lights, now it shows conflicts. So I close it.


Yup - when I get back on Garuda later I'll do a last tweak. Not sure how to post a file - would it live with triple backticks in a message? If not, will find a way...

Perhaps I can make it fit better with some character changes, too.


PrivateBin (text), gitlab, github, gdrive ... :wink:

Yes, see first post :slight_smile:

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Hey - I'm trying to be lazy here! triple ticks and gdrive are my first choices... :grin:

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