New Garuda Neofetch Logo | Instructions

Just started using Garuda over the weekend and thought I'd draw an ASCII for neofetch.

Download it here:

Run it with neofetch by using neofetch --ascii neofetch.txt
You can add --ascii_colors 1 2 3 4 and adjust which colors are used.

Great work on the distro to everyone involved, really enjoying it!


You post on telegram:
"Been working on a new Garuda ascii for neofetch, not sure if anyone's interested in testing it out, I'm about to add in the neofetch coloring to see how it looks"

Good job and thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:
What I personally miss is the typical Garuda Eagle eye :slight_smile:

The beauty of Linux is its diversity and that there is something for everyone.



Nice to see such outstanding work contributed to the project from a new user, (and fellow Canuck).

Cheers @blk_jack, and welcome to the Garuda community. :wave:


How can I add this?

btw... anyone tried the "sixel" graphics to create a logo ?

quick example:

I did that a while back - here it is on a screenshot (slightly different look)

What’s “sixel”?


sixel is the graphic format :

with chaotic-aur/libsixel you have a bin img2sixel that can turn the image to sixel format, which neofetch and now konsole support ( in 22.04 )

edit: ( bear in mind that I am very uninformed about this, just looked it up when I saw that konsole had initial support for it )

Didn't know that! I did it a different way, using a standard graphic - running on a limited set of terminals. Maybe sixel works better - should try it! Thanks...


BTW, your offers?

g1017 from 2020

Verry funny,

Designed and sold by WhateverIs

I am sure its designed by me and the ASCII art is yours :smiley:

What is Garuda Dragonized using now? Still paleofetch?