New Garuda ISO release?

Hi ,

Just bought a new pc but it seems Garuda is not able to boot so as to install it.

Did a bit of research and it seems that other arch distros were not able to boot as well but the newest Isos like EndevourOS and CachyOS seems to boot fine.
As far as I know, in the old iso's there was a problem with Nvidia and intel cpus.

Are there any Garuda dev ISOS where I can download and test??

Thanks in advance

They are here:
Use at your own risk, since they are development builds :wink:


Thanks !

As I see dr460nized-gaming doesnt have any new builds

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Yes, nothing recent (current 29-Mar, latest official 19-Mar).
In my opinion you should use them to find a recent build and see if it boots.
E.g. Dr460nized 09-Apr, Cinnamon 26-Apr...


Both dr460nized & dr460nized-gaming will have new builds soon :slight_smile:


Thanks !

Tested them out but unfortunately I cant boot the Live cds it seems that my pc is stuck.
When I press CTRL+DEL it reboots...

I dont know why but other distros like cachyos , endevouros , Arcolinux boot fine except Garuda ><

I have tried to boot with many options like ibt=off but sill I am unable to boot

Too bad! :pensive:
I think it would be cleaner to create a new topic.
Please include there your system specs (if you already have another Linux distro there, better an inxi -Faz), which isos you've tried and which options (e.g. free and proprietary drivers, etc.).


Did you try waiting, like 5 minutes or so?
If it reacts to ctrl-alt-del it means it's not completely stuck.
It seems to me that newer images take longer to boot than they used to, leaving the screen black for some minutes before anything shows up.


You can press Esc to show the log and check if mhwd is in action.


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