Networking difference between media and dragonised


Can anyone tell me what is installed / configured differently on the media version of KDE (which correctly sees my NAS drives) and the dragonised and/or gamer version which I cannot make see the NAS?

Thank you

systemctl status smb
systemctl status nmb

Ok so that's why there is a difference. I want to use the dragonised version because quite frankly it's cool as hell. But, a lot more learning to understand how to implement the difference highlighted above . . . .

Install Samba with Garuda-Welcome.
Garuda Assistant

Will give that a go in the morning.

Thanks for the help again

KDE Multimedia has, as the name suggests, some more applications installed. If you want to know which ones are installed additionally, have a look at our GitLab.

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OK so I have samba installed as per the advice using the assistant - I can manually get to my NAS drive now by typing into dolphin smb://MyLiveBook/Public - and can see the files, but cannot access them at all.

In the Multimedia version - I just go to file manager and hit network and click through and they are there - I have read through pages of configuring samba and to be frank I just dont understand it.

I can get to my smb.conf file but have NO idea what to add to make it work


systemctl enable --now smb
systemctl enable --now nmb

Typed those and I get

failed to enable unit: Unit file smbd.service does not exist

and the same for mmbd

I read another post that suggested installing smb4k might help - but that just hangs at the looking for workgroups and domains point - and needs to be hard terminated.


sudo pacman -S samba-support
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still same failure with smbd.service does not exist

Make sure you have

sudo pacman -S kdenetwork-filesharing smb4k

Installed then reboot

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still smbd.service does not exist

may go back to XFCE soon which is a shame as it doesnt have the same visual appeal as KDE, but it just works without having to have 20 degrees in computer science lol

It should not be this much of a headache to simply watch/listen to my media from my NAS

Well did you do what i wrote

After doing that and rebooting everythinng will work as in multimedia edition

yessir - exactly as written

Screw samba, it's junk. try using NFS if your NAS supports it.

OK what is NFS when its at home?

I seem to have it installed looking at pacman

To play large media files properly on KDE it is best to mount your shares.

There are different ways you can do this. You can do it manually with the mount command, automatically via /etc/fstab, or with systemd mount units.

There is also a program that can automate the share mounting process (not GUI).

that is all greek to me - dont understand any of it really as it is not written for someone of my limited ability and makes huge assumptions of technical knowhow

I will admit the Archwiki is not always the easiest to decipher, but I seriosly think NFS is far easier to setup than samba.

I will post you some links in more understandable terminology.