Network Proxy

I've taken the advice of a moderator/admin and i've found that for some reason my public IP when i check on google or though my portal is not the same with the one i find on my network settings. Im using Garuda Blackarch and id like to know how to turn this off ive lso checked in my settings but i seem to not be using a proxy at all

Is this a feature to for BlackArch users?

How did you check your IP address though? Does your carrier support static IP addresses or are you maybe getting a shared ipv4 address?


Stupid question, sorry, but you never can say: do you use a VPN?
In that case this is normal: in network settings you see the IP address provided by your ISP, externally you see the IP address assigned by your VPN provider (OpenVPN?).

I think this is normal. If I search "ip" in Garuda Searx and "ip address" in DuckDuckGo, I get different IPs, though I'm not using any proxy or VPN.

Ah, OK. I assumed that the check was done with e.g. or a similar.
In that case the VPN should make a difference.

Check your ip with

ip -br a

There might be different IP in searx because it shows ip of the server that it is hosted on, not of your machine.


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