"Network error 2" when downloading themes in Settings

I am having an issue with Plasma specifically when trying to download backgrounds from "system settings". The system gives a "network error 2: connection closed" error and then goes into a "wait" mode with just the circular arrow spinning. The error is not contained in just Garuda. I have the same error in Endeavour OS. The problem is in Plasma itself. I have not been successful at finding an answer so far. Hoping someone here has experienced the same and has a solution.



Thank you! glad to be here. Garuda is a fantastic OS!

Then, it is probably more appropriate to ask in KDE Community, because they are the ones that can fix that.

Also, try KDE Neon, to make sure that it is not the Arch version that is having the bug.


Mmm similar issues around right in these days:


They seem to also have this.
It's a confirmed bug.


I had a feeling that it was a KDE issue...thanks for the info !

this error happens to me some time but it is harm less it does nothing dont worring
and check ur internet connection

yes, thanks mincha.9999 i checked my connection and its good. It's a bug in KDE and hopefully they will get it worked out. I use several other distros with Plasma and all of them have the same issue


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