Network Connectivity Issues

Let me just introduce myself briefly (Sorry for the unnecessary info :P)
I am a professional Linux user - be it Arch Linux, Gentoo or Ubuntu.
Went out to customise windows isos and then was stuck with windows for a while (it's what you would call debloating the iso before installing it)

Since people complained about the bloatware that comes along with Garuda Linux, I decided to go along with the KDE barebone edition.
As expected, no network.
Ran a live environment of Dr460nised edition and ran a few commands like ip link and ifconfig, and it seems that the wireless module is not being recognised by either of the two editions.
TBH, I am not sure of the wireless module that the system contains, it's gifted to me since the OG owner thought it was getting old (4GB RAM, one slot, can understand.) Thought of making some use of it as an experimental system of weird projects of mine.

I would really like to put an inxi output but I have to copy the text from the other system to this one, so it's a little bit of a trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hi there, welcome.
I am sure you will understand that without the detailed technical specifications that only inxi-Faz (garuda-inxi after the initial system update) can give, no troubleshooting will be possible.
Do you have an ethernet port and connection? Or at least another USB port to use for mobile tethering?


Hey, thanks for the quick response.
Sadly, there is no ethernet port. It is a laptop smaller than the average laptops
Tried USB ethernet, but it is too slow, as slow as 10 B/s (that's Bytes, If I ain't wrong)

Hope you have a good day. Let me post the inxi in a while, after returning back to my home :slight_smile:

@filo Just logged onto my system and found that the barebone edition is connected to the internet. Wireless module works just fine, I had connected the system to the internet via USB ethernet, in a desperate attempt.
Do you think the same would work for the Dr460nised edition when I install it?


It should (same HW), but in case it shouldn't, the only difference I can envisage for that matter is the different kernel, so you may want in the worst case to install the linux-lts like in the barebones.


UPDATE: Network finally works, thanks to USB ethernet support. @filo really appreciate the help.

Cheers :slight_smile:

A small edit: For those of you who don't know how I fixed the problem: Use USB ethernet or connect your router using ethernet, make sure to sync repositories and restart.

Thank you.

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For those who own a cell phone, using USB phone tethering is one of the easiest options to get a temporary connection to update and install drivers etc.

Glad to see you got things sorted, and welcome to Garuda.


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