Network connection

Hi, I'm new to using Garuda and having trouble connecting to a network. The problem is to open Garuda Network Assistant because when I try to open it wants me to enter the password which I do, but when I click on authenticate it does not open anything. And in Advanced Network Setting, it's completely blank. Please help thanks

Hi there, welcome to the community.
Please post output of inxi -Faz as text and enclosed with 3 ~ .

Also run the garuda-network-manager from the terminal and post the output as text.


@Naman requested this info from you 7 hours ago, and I see you were logged in up until 6 hours ago. I would have thought 6+ hours would be sufficient time to post such a basic request.

No one can assist you without your full system info and specifications. Please be so kind as to post your inxi -Faz output if you wish to receive assistance.


Your inxi -Faz output was requested when you opened this post 4 days ago. Without this information your thread is of little value on our forum. This requirement is stated emphatically in the help request template when you opened your thread. As you have failed to provide this information your help request is being removed from the main forum to a backwater where posts with little merit are sent to die.

If you wish to revive your help thread, then edit your opening post and supply the output that is required for assistance on our forum. Your thread will be reopened when you have provided this information.


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