Nest Scheduler

New CPU scheduler in town.


Thanks a lot!

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Is this anything more than a research paper?

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Yes, although they have it probably not released yet. As you can see from the paper and the article, has it been implemented (in 500 LOC) and could be ported from 5.9 to 5.12 in an hour.

Also the benchmarks had to be done on something that is 'more than a research paper'.

Looking forward to the patch, then!

Link it when you find it (or write it).


Can always rely on Peter to be on the ball with this stuff


Actually this patch has a really weird behavior. At some cpu configuration's it does boot, at some it does not.
So far my testings on my 5900X seems good. BORE + NEST does work really well together and the developer of BORE and me will investigate a bit more time into it.

Actually we should may contact the developers of the scheduler and report the bug, that some cpu configurations are not booting. Right now its like gambling, if it works or not. So far we dont found a scheme, why this should happening.