Needs some support

Hi, Everyone. How can i use garuda zen kernel tkg and nvidia in my vanilla arch. I install arch linux from anarchy installer. Anarchy installer community is not still active and they are not maintain their repo. And I do not reinstall garuda linux in my system. So can i user your configuration in my system. I really appreciated your effort and I support your work. As soon as possible, I use your configuration script like arcolinux script. And sorry for my bad english

Use chaotic repo


One more request!! Can i user your grub themes and other configuration in my system like garuda assistant and so on.

Everything is in chaotic repo
Install the packages and change the configs


As one of the Garuda distro devs was kind enough to answer your questions for you, I think we can now scrub this post from the main Garuda forum. As this is unrelated to Garuda it serves no purpose on our forum. Leaving threads on the main forum that pertain to other distros is of no help to Garuda users, and only encourages others from other distros to clutter our forum.

So bye bye. :wave: