Needed application only supports deb & rpm

Just built this computer for trading options/stocks and I am loving Garuda. I have used several different distros over the years as I hate MS; however, have some experience with command line stuff, but very basic linux knowledge. Question: a program/app I want to use is Tastyworks and they only support deb & rpm. Is there anyway to run it on Garuda?

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It's in the AUR: AUR (en) - tastyworks

Oops, but maybe you needed later.


looks like the packages are in the AUR
you can do paru -S tastyworks and you should be good to go


there is an app that installs .deb in arch called debtap

yay -S debtap

Create package from the .deb

 sudo debtap -u package_name.deb

Install the package

 sudo pacman -U package_name.pkg

Here is the link i got the above from. I've used it myself and it does work.

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