Need to fix sound

Reinstalled Dragonized after getting audio fixed with Gnome. I know, I should have stayed with Gnome.

Right now, I only have audio from my monitor. I have a 5.1 altec-lansing system but Garuda wasn't to use my hdmi monitor. Pipeline and Pulse seem to be the only two items installed. Can anyone recommend how i can fix my sound? It appears Pipewire is installed and some pulse as well. Since Pipewire is installed, it can cause problems with my some components if I remove it. Thoughts? I've looked through all of the threads but none of those tips will fix my situation?

Did you use the search function from forum?

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Just to clarify this:

Currently, your audio is output via the HDMI monitor.
You want the audio to output via some speakers connected via audio jack.

If so, have you tried changing the audio output device via KDE's sound settings?

If this is not what you want, or the above doesn't work, can you provide some substantive detail about the issue?


Yes, I want my audio to to output to four speakers and a subwoofer that I've been using for years.

I have attempted to change the audio output using the kde sound settings but it seems to have hard coded the hdmi sound. My pc originally came with a 2.1 output but I added a card because I wasn't going to lose my speakers.

As for more information. I'd love to share any information I can about my system but I may need some help/guidance. What information do you need and how do I share it with you?

I don't have pipewire installed. Well, there is one pipewire installed but if I uninstall it, it will remove a bunch of pulse items and make my system unstable. I tried this before. And yes, I did use the search function. Nothing worked for me. I may see if I can turn off the default sound in the bios and test that theory.

Does the necessary Pipewire installation you have connect to Pulse? That may be a stupid question, but it sounds like you need to make Pulse read the other hardware you have connected.

Install and try pavucontrol; this provides a common interface to configure Pulse Audio that can also side-step any DE peculiarities.


Hey Jonathan, thanks for your tip. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

And having to use timeshift to go back completely corrupted my kernel and I had to use timeshift with every reboot. Eventually, it wouldn't allow me to login and I had to install an alternate os to boot up. Right now, I'm not using Garuda. This is because my external hard drive is dying and I need a stable system to copy everything over until I purchase a new, external hd.

Thanks again for your help. When I reinstall, I'll probably go with gnome.


same issue we are also facing seen on epost in forum stating restring daemon solved problem but dont know ehich daemon and the thread is closed. couldn't able to ask which daemon it is

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