Need help with program that shows cores in taskbar

i had installed it before an update kills it
i want it back but don't know the name
pls can you help
there were 4 beams in white and shown the cores and usage


and post

inxi -Fxxxza

as text!

Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.

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sorry the problem is to old about 5 month
i only want to ask the community maybe someone knows
the mini-program it isn't in the SELECTION available
i think i found it elsewhere

Perhaps it was a plasma widget you installed?

AKA Plasmoid.

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Some of the older default plasmoids were recently replaced with one which is more flexible.

You will probably find "Individual Core Usage" to be a good replacement.

You can easily configure it to make it look like you want.


thank you for all your good advices i have found the right mini-program
it is called "cpu load monitor" and there i can individual show cores as bar graph and changed colors of cores in white


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