Need help with a makepkg

Okay so I'm trying to get my prismatik back lights working again. I've got my github cloned, but when I attempt to do a makepkg it wants to install qt5-serialport-5.15.7-1. Which is fine, but it just errors out with a 404. So I'm at a loss on what to do from here.

The package name is qt5-serialport, and it is currently in version 5.15.8-1.
Try to install it first and then build again.
Or maybe the PKGBUILD needs to be adjusted.
I know nothing about this tool, but in general please always provide terminal input and output in case of errors.

You could also use the AUR package and a helper, e.g. try:

paru prismatik

There is also an unofficial fork prismatik-psieg


Ah! There was an update I was not aware of. Also helps to do this stuff when your not half asleep. Thanks for the info!

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