Need Help updating AUR package

Hey there! I just received a update for discord and tried updating it through pacman -S discord it said reinstalling discord and when i opened it back up it still says update needed

My terminal - 591lDEwe9j | SourceBin

just use add/remove software and search for discord
not to mention that you activate aur repositis

I said I wasn't going to help you, but here I am helping you. So, please use the </> in a reply to post your terminal output.

Secondly, nothing there shows you still have a pending update, and you cut off whatever command you typed at the top.

It said it was up to date and reinstalled. What still shows an update? From what I see - it looks to me like you type pacman -S discord

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If you wanna keep your grudge i am fine with it. cheers

I do have discord so shouldn't the repo be activated?

see your scource.bin seems you reinstall the latest software or am i wrong

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To working computers. Cheers*



Like you haven't messed up your PC even once

But when i launch discord it says, "Hey it seems you are in luck a new update is available, version 0.0.15"

It was flagged out of date today. . . you can try one of the AUR packages if you want - discord-canary probably ismore up to date; albeit probably more problems. BUT, until the maintainer updates the Arch package, that's where you're at for now.


you can use Discord Canary | The Discord Wiki
there is version 123
or you use ptb versions but it can have more bugs


get the AUR version... i had the same problem but installed discord_arch_electron version from AUR and discord runs great again.


And less than 8 hours later, the main repo package is updated already.. . .


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