Need help how to underclocking or limit my CPU

As the title said, I need to under clock/limit my CPU work which normally at 100% into 95%. How to do it on Garuda Linux? I was reading on ArchWiki and i got cpulimit. But i need input from Garuda Linux users or best from the Garuda team devs.

Then that is your answer.


Ok then :relaxed:

What is PID btw?

Normally refers to "Process Identifier".

where can i find/see the PID of the program that i wan to limit the CPU work?

Rather than answer a series of questions about how to use Linux, I'll point you towards a web search engine:


Thanks. Sorry, I'm still newbie at Linux :laughing: :pray:


Horray. Finally i learn how to release my gameplay from stuttering.
From what i learn in this forum on other thread, i just need to "disable auto cpu frequency" with "sudo systemctl disable --now auto-cpufreq"


much easier way because of the cool feature from Garuda Linux is,
just go to Garuda Welcome>Garuda Assistant>settings tab>turn off the two "auto cpufreq".

I'm not regret at all clean install my SSD into Garuda Linux and throw away Windows 10 from my PC :grin:


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