Need Help About Unpin folder or customizing dock icon inside latte dock

Hi there community. I am here to ask for your help to figure the problem why i can't unpin a folder from latte dock. I have the unpin/pin option for software but for folder i don't have that option. Actually the folder pin inside the dock accidentally.

And my another question is if i wanted to change a software icon inside the latte dock what should i do?

Thanks for attention.

It probably isn't pinned but actually added to the dock. Right click on the dock and go to edit settings and then hover over it and an icon to remove it should appear.

Right-click on the launcher icon and select edit applications. You can change the icon from there.


First problem is solve. Thanks by the way. But For 2nd one i can't find edit application option after right clicking on the desired launcher icon

The launcher icon is the one that opens the launcher/menu. It sounds like you are clicking on the task manager.


You could put a custom icons image in your icon theme folder.

Yeah i found the option inside the menu > edit application.

After clicking that icon in this case google chrome icon it does not show any option. I think i need to take the ownership of that icon right?

By the way i just wanted to change the dock pinned software icon. Not the whole system.

usr/share/icon or usr/share/themes ?

if so i think you want to replace the icon from beauty line right?

Yea, you can just replace an image with your own icon files.
It will also require different image resolutions I think.

Might be helpful:

But i just wanted to change the icon from dock not the whole system.

Create a custom launcher, aka desktop application. Keep the command the name of application.
Then, pin it to dock or whatever.


That isn't it. Right-click on the icon for the menu/launcher itself, not the thing you are trying to change. It looks like this:

I don't think that is possible but I could be wrong.

You can add a second .desktop the way @Naman is suggesting but then you will have two system-wide with different icons.


If and only if it is added in applications folder too. If you will create .desktop in home folder, (or say, at desktop) it won't get entry to other system utilities, like menu or "open with" dialog box.

But you can still pin it to dock or panels, just like files can be pinned.


Ok thanks brother

Yeah this is a good idea though. Thanks by the way