Need assistance in software update


I am unable to do software update on KDE flavour of Garuda linux.

"Package conflict found ananicy-rules-git-ananicy-git(ananicy): conflicting dependencies"

Could you please past the entire sentence / part of the update ?
In general I think that ananicy-rules-git-ananicy-git is required by the new ananicy-cpp, so you should possibly accept.

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I have uploaded the image in the below link

Could you please try to update from terminal with the update command?

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Would you mind sharing the command to run on the terminal? I am a newbie to Arch-based distros.

It is just
I hope you have it, since it was introduced several months ago, but I'm a bit concerned by the 4.9GB of your updates! :slight_smile: I guess you've not been updating for a while?
If you do't have update, you could run
sudo pacman -Syu
But the former is preferrable because takes care of other useful things.


yes, you are right. Its been a while since I updated my os. I still face the same problem

That's an ancient system you have in Arch terms :joy:
Force uninstall ananicy and try again

sudo pacman -Rdd ananicy-git && sudo pacman -Syu

Thanks for your reply. However, I am getting other conflict problems Do you recommend me
to reinstall the os?

If it's desktop keep performance tweaks

If it's laptop keep auto cpufreq

Remove one of them first


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