Need an Opinion, Storage, Security and Efficiency wise

During the past days i've been trying to figure out the best approach i would have in practicing cybersecurity. Unfortunately i don't have the money and storage to do so.

I have 110GB of Storage, around 60GB Free

My plan was to create a VM of Garuda XFCE and install BlackArch packages/tools onto it.

that would leave me with 20GB left on my host distro.

Would it be better that i install BlackArch Packages/tools onto my host Distro instead? or should i run a VM like originally planned since it's safer that way?

Installing on virtual machines is not recommended as it might result in a bad experience.

Will that be only true if run Garuda on a VM? a VM on Garuda? or run a different distro on a VM while Garuda is the host?



Garuda in VM is not recommended