Need advice on instaling garuda SSD+HDD

Hey guys,

So I have a 256GB SSD and 500GB HDD on my system.
For the past 3 months or so, I had been using Garuda (on HDD) and Windows (on SDD) on a dual-boot.

Now I am ready to ditch Windows and completely move to Garuda!

I want to install Garuda on my SSD, and use the HDD entirely for the home partition (also do advice if that's a good idea or not).

I have done some research, mostly using this as a search query - "how to install Linux on SSD and home partition of HDD." I have tried a few variations, but the search results I got aren't good enough!

The best answer I got was this: "How to install Ubuntu 18.04 on SSD+HDD hybrid with proper partitioning? - Ask Ubuntu"

But since this is intended for Ubuntu, I was wondering if it will work for Garuda or not?

Also, I don't know the technical term for what I actually want, which I think is a big reason for the poor search results...

I was wondering if you guys can tell me how I can get it configured like this then it would be a great help! Also if you can link an article or youtube video that would be phenomenal!

Thanks so so much,

For search use

arch linux 

Use full SSD, its enough place and much quicker :slight_smile:
Use HDD for Data.

So just use installer from live ISO (calamares) and you are fine.


How to use /home on another disk/partition?

The easiest way is to use symlinks (shortcuts) for your data folders in your normal $HOME account.
To have the HDD mounted on boot, add an entry in /etc/fstab and that's all.
Read Archwiki or search the forum about proper fstab entries.


Make sure ur efi partition exists on SSD Only! It removes ur system's reliance on presence of both drives.

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I like that post. Enough, but not too much information. :wink:


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