Nautilus Typeahead | Chaotic AUR request

When I went and search for nautilus typeahead in pamac. I found out you have libnautilus-extension-typeahead in chaotic aur, amazing! Unfortunately no nautilus-typeahead

Just installing the libnautilus-extension-typeahead won't make it work, I already tried it. It's just a depedency for nautilus-typeahead as far as I know.

Therefore I'm requesting nautilus-typeahead for chaotic aur.

nautilus-typeahead will allow you to type and automatically select first file with that name, while still being able to initiate file search with ctrl+f. Which is arguably superior than official version of nautilus.

3 aur/gtk3-typeahead 3.24.34-1 (+35 0.00) (Orphaned)
GObject-based multi-platform GUI toolkit - Typeahead feature enabled for file chooser widget
2 aur/libnautilus-extension-typeahead 42.2-1 (+43 0.12)
Library for extending the Default file manager for GNOME - Patched to bring back the 'typeahead find' feature
1 aur/nautilus-typeahead 42.2-1 (+43 0.12)
Default file manager for GNOME - Patched to bring back the 'typeahead find' feature
==> Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3 or ^4)

Seeing you don't give any info could it be any of these 3
Use terminal to search not the 1/2 baked pamac made for Manjaro users


Mandog is right, Pamac's usefulness for Garuda is impaired by the fact that it was designed for, and specifically caters to, Manjaro. If you keep using it, please confine the use to searching only (although it seems like even that function isn't giving you the whole picture).

Paru is just great for this kind of thing. Just type paru packagename and it will tell you what is out there. Partial names are fine too, Paru will just pull up all matches for you to examine.

[🧱] × paru nautilus-typeahead
1 aur/nautilus-typeahead 42.2-1 [+43 ~0.12]
    Default file manager for GNOME - Patched to bring back the 'typeahead find' feature
:: Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3):

:point_up: I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not, but the package you are looking for is in the AUR and you can go ahead and install it with Paru if you'd like.

Typically a package should have some compelling reason to be added to the Chaotic AUR, like it gets updated a lot and has to be frequently rebuilt, or a lot of people are actively using it, stuff like that. I'm not sure this package is a good candidate but you are more than welcome to submit a request by opening an issue here:

Before you do, I would encourage you to install the AUR version of the package and try it out for a while. This will inform whether you actually like using the package in the first place, and also whether there is a benefit to a Chaotic build (in many cases the AUR package is just fine).


Yes I was aware that it's in AUR. I always installed it.

Was posting this as I found that libnautilus-extension-typeahead are in chaotic aur, and I'm not sure what is the purpose of that package on it's own.

Very well then, looks like it's not a good candidate for chaotic aur. It also compile really fast anyway. (but slow to download in my case)

My mistake, I was under the impression you had not installed it yet. I thought you had perceived its absence in the Chaotic repo as an obstacle to getting it installed.

I did not intend to discourage you from requesting it to be added. I honestly have no idea if this package would be appropriate to add or not. It's really not up to me either way. If you feel it would be a benefit if it were added, go ahead and add the request as an issue on the GitHub page or on this thread: Everything about Chaotic-AUR packages

If you decide to just keep it as an AUR package, do yourself a favor and set up /etc/garuda/garuda-update/config with UPDATE_AUR=1 so your AUR packages get automatically updated with the rest of your system (as described here: Garuda Update | Garuda Linux wiki). One less thing you have to worry about! :slightly_smiling_face: