N00b question about dr460nized

Hi all,

I'm not new to Linux, am very new to Garuda. I was specifically drawn to the dr460nized KDE version, so pulled that down and put it on a VirtualBox and it was lovely. After some weeks messing with that and doing my research about how to make all my stuff work well in there, I felt ready to put it onto hardware (backup laptop - I'm not mad).

But the dr460nized KDE link on the website now looks to me like Gnome, not KDE. Pulled it down, put it in a VM and on hardware, and sure enough I'm seeing Gnome, not KDE.

In this context, I don't think the recommended output from 'garuda-inxi' would be helpful, so forgive me for not including that.

Am I simply pulling from the wrong link?

The actual ISO I ended up with tonight was named "garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-230501.iso".

Thanks in advance for any help.

maybe try the direct link to the files? This is dragonized for sure. I doubt that the build system mixed up something

If you prefer the dragonized gaming version, just hit the up arrow in the file browser and click on that

If you check the build log you can see that it does not install the gnome desktop, so I assume you mixed something up.

Edit: I just noticed something peculiar. The links on the download page link to /latest/, though these files haven't seen an update in three months? My link above links directly to this month's builds - Why is it handled this way? Stability?

It would identify your DE, for starters. Just copy and paste from Garuda Assistant.


Can you provide the exact page and link?

This ISO is not necessarily stable, they just restarted being built after some server issues for a while, use it at your own risk for now.

EDIT: But it definitely is KDE on this one, though. :smiley:


Ok, this link is the latest stable ISO from a direct download. From this page.

File name garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-230501.iso

And it is KDE launching.



OK, so I pulled that exact link you posted, then burned that to a brand new stick, although that has not need been needed yet as I simply created a brand new VirtualBox from the downloaded ISO.

I'm getting this on boot, which looks a whole lot like Gnome to me. If I'm doing something silly, then please let me know - as I implied up-thread, I've been dicking with flavours of Linux for many years now, and don't consider myself clueless.

I'd also post the output of whatever that command was, but sadly I can't install VBox Guest Additions until I install the guest ISO, and I'm not doing that when the Live boot clearly looks like Gnome, at least to me. Because no Guest Additions, it seems no Clipboard integration in Vbox, so I can't figure how to paste that here from there, if you see what I mean.


That’s absolutely the Dr460nized version.
See top left, the dragon wallpaper, the typical KDE system settings…
You could provide your garuda-inxi via the internet with

garuda-inxi  | nc termbin.com 9999

It’s KDE.

Take a look in those 2 places highlighted with a red arrow.
One says KDE Connect and the other will tell you the exact KDE Plasma version.


OK, thanks all. I appreciate the feedback.

I guess I was expecting the full-width taskbar on the bottom, with a win-like start button at one end, and a system-tray-like thing at the other, which is how it looked in my VM the first time I installed it, although I cannot remember which ISO I used for that specific install.

I'll play with it some more in the VM before I start messing with hardware again.

Anyway, helpful people here, and I'm grateful.

That’s vanilla KDE. That’s the unsupported version of garuda. It comes with no garuda tools preinstalled for those “bloat” conscious, basically (KDE+arch+garuda repos). Whereas, dr460nized version has all these and some apps to automate tasks and make arch easier to use for newbs and the theme you see.

You can change/remove the theme if it bothers you. There is a dedicated thread to this on forum where ppl showcase their rice.


The same “tools” exist in both, such as scripts to set audio prefs, etc. Not as many applications and the (rather bland) default Plasma look-and-feel. None of the customizations are installed, other than GRUB. Plymouth used to be installed, but I do not know if that’s the current setup.


Hiya, I appreciate the feedback, thank you. Is there perhaps a how-to for newbies like myself who would like it to look like I described? That would be amazing, and then I could move forward to sticking this on my daily-driver machine, as that is the look-and-feel I'm hoping for. I truly have no idea what to search for in the forums for something that specific, so thanks, if there is such a thing.

You could download the KDE-Lite version and start from there.

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OK, that would do it. Is it reasonably, easy once installed, to get the Dragonized theming? The combination of the two would be wonderful.

And thanks!

Yes, you just open up a terminal and

paru -S garuda-dr460nized

and it will offer you choices in System Settings>Appearance>Global Theme (also Application Style, Plasma Style, Colors, Window Decorations and some more, including Startup and Shutdown>Login Screen (SDDM)).

Thank you very much for that. The ISO's on it's way down to me and I'll def play with all that in the VM tomorrow (need sleep soon!) Obvs, I realise I'll have to go find the Office stuff, and other toys and tools, but I'm guessing they'll still be easily doable in the Garuda Setup Assistant?

I believe after the installation, on your 1st boot, you will get a pop-up to complete the installation and from there you should have many tabs and applications available, chosen by Garuda Team to be in there, it's not a whole repo.

Again, thanks. Maybe if I make sure I put in Chaotic-AUR and stuff before doing that, it'll find what I need. Maybe. Going to be fun playing and learning this week!

OK, one last fishing expedition, I hope. I I were to install the actual Dr460nized KDE version again, would it be hard to make it look like that classic KDE taskbar thing, and keep the lovely themeing?

(Forgive me, I've spent 11 years in Ubuntu land, and therefore learned little about sysadm. My only excuse is at least I'm trying to escape)

That would probably be the easiest way, you could just select BREEZE Global Theme and it would look like plain default KDE.

But if you just want to remove the bottom Dock and Top Panel and only show the default KDE bottom Panel, here’s what I have found to do:

  • Enter Edit Mode and remove bottom Dock and Top Panel by using the MORE OPTIONS button.
  • Exit Edit Mode.
  • Right-click and create a new Default Panel

It will create it on the left side of the screen, I think this was intended for people who add Panels and already have the Dock at the bottom, but you can then drag the Panel to the bottom if you want and it will look like this:

All the above steps are pure KDE features, there is nothing Garuda configured or implemented to make those steps possible, it’s all part of the huge KDE customization features. :smiley: