My updated Garuda Kde learning journey

Just thought id post my updated journey of a newby learning Garuda .So after installing Garuda a month or so ago .I have learnt a lot .eg how to use ublock origin,how to format a USB drive ,how to transfer files from a folder to a USB drive.Thanks to the GAruda team for a lot of help .But of course some i had to learn myself .i now know why i was having so much problem with errors.
The first install i followed a tute on 30 things to do after installing Manjaro ,yes i know this is Garuda but same.o
Towards the end the guy talks about bleach bit .but stupid me just clicked and deleted everything in that list as all items are ticked by default.Its been a few weeks now since i last installed a fresh install of GAruda and Ive done a lot of updates and made a few tweaks to the dns server and i must say its flying .So from almost becoming a help Vampire ,Im learning my way around.Just cant find any info on check and merge after updates.I did ask this question but didnt understand what to do when prompted with options .Thanks everyone .Great Distro ive now converted my 81 year old dad and my wife.Cheers.


In Arch based OS's use Stacer not BleachBit.


Try a forum search on ".pacnew"



Have you checked Archwiki, a.k.a. The Bible?

There is no one answer to What to do?.
Merge means compare old and new file, adding new differences to the old configuration file. For this, you have to know what is this file about and why you changed it in the first place (or a utility may have changed it).
There will be almost no .pacnew file, if you don't change the original for some reason (explanation in Archwiki).

How to do it?
Several ways.

You are the boss, it's your choice.

Any advice?
Educate yourself (read).


When it comes to regular maintenance, there is no need to use any "system cleaner" utilities like Bleachbit or Stacer. More often than not, you'll end up deleting more than you want, unless you're very careful.


I totally agree with @Kresimir , I haven't used any system cleaner at all in my entire Linux journey. IIRC, main use of these softwares is cleaning cache and disk defragmentation.

And I truly don't think that Linux needs 'em because Linux or more appropriately GNU/Linux don't use any disk space at all for cache purposes, except for swap that you allocate yourself. Even swap is cleaned on reboot / shutdown.

But you may use defragmentation software for defragmenting external drives. I don't know other reasons of using system cleaner.


Thanks mate its funny you suggested this i was searching for ways to maintain Linux and i found it .Great tool.

Wowwwww that's great OK
then thanks for your advice .

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Fantastic thank you Yes i use Archwiki but at times leaves me more confused .Many thanks


Do you know you just volunteered for maintenance duty? Dad & the wife are fine ... but you're in trouble. Juuuuuuuuust kidding ... well, kind of.

Garuda is proving to be a formidable disto & like most Arch spins should continue to work well with regular software updates.

If that new maintenance gig ever gets a bit loose on your patience, you can always consider static-release distros such as MxLinux, *buntu flavor, Mint, etc.



LOL yer i know i now have 3 laptops i have to maintain .If there's ever a problem its so easy to just fresh install.lolBut thanks for the Distro advice i cant keep up with the new Distros.i spend half a day watching videos on new ones.Love Garuda fantastic thanks keep up the great work.


It's all good.


Fantastic thanks for your advice i will try to get my head around that in Archwiki.I have noticed i get a choice do i want to replace a certain package with the new one i click yes .then i see remove this package as its in conflict with this other package i click yes .so far all is going awesome .Thanks again for all your help .

HI there the systems were running fine but then i missed a few updates.I thought by reinstalling from the original iso the updates would fix the failed to load packages errors.Will i need to download and make a new iso usb please to have the distro updated .

Bleachbit is like its description, an "unnecessary file cleaner." It's one of the first things I removed from garuda.

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