My thoughts/feedback about Wayfire

Wayfire is what brought me from Manjaro to Garuda initially. I thought the idea was very exiting and as far as I know Garuda is the only distro that has a Wayfire edition. Something to be proud of I think.
That being said, it is clearly in the early experimental stages and not yet ready to be used as a main workhorse installation.
I like the idea of a modern wayland focused DE with Compiz functionality. Kwin should have been a modern compiz replacement but it never really made the cut.
The Wayfire cude is fast, and can be lifted moved and released with a single mouse button click. That makes it a real fast and fun way to switch desktops. (I mostly use the button above the wheel or the middle button under the whee) To me that makes it already more usable than the Kwin cube.
What is still missing is the ability to use different wallpapers,Icons,launchers and docks on each cube side (docks) Compiz can do these things and Kwin can't so that's the reason why I use Compiz and not Kwin.
With Compiz I use Cairo Dock and the Emerald window decorator which give it tremendous room and flexibility for creating radical customized desktops in a very easy way.
Wayfire seems to have as goal to have all those things done by this moment not all plugins are there yet and the ones that are there are rather primitive. The top bar reminded me of my old Sinclair ZX Spectrum days. So a lot of work still needs to be done
What I liked is that the main configuration screen is pretty similar to the Compiz CCSM which may look old fashioned but is actually very user friendly and effective. Wayfire seems to aim at configuring the whole desktop and all its plugins there. I think that may be a very simple and incredibly effective way to do it. So I think Wayfire has a lot of potential. On the other hand to get to KDE/Gnome type/level functionality it still has a long way to go.
However it is good to have a new modern fresh DE because Linux may have a lot of the environments are not keeping up with the times and changes and are on their way out. HD has been the standard for quite a few years, 4K is coming, this century I haven't owned any mouse that didn't have at least 6 buttons and touch is on its way too. The people behind most of these desktop environments don't seem to have noticed. So there is room for Wayfire to leap ahead and take the space they leave empty.
Another thought is that the Enlightenment DE is also wayland and plugin focused and it has a few neat ideas. But it's strugling and seams to be running out of steam. If Wayfire and Enlightenment could fuse it might become a force to recon with in DE country.
The last problem is the Nvidia and its propriety drivers. At the moment Wayland and Nvidia seem to be moving to fix the problems between them however Wayfire didn't work with the Nvidea drivers the last time I checked. Most of the PCs on the planet have Nvidia cards and for most gamers only Nvidia cards and the propriety drivers will do the job. A DE that can't work with those doesn't really have a future. Let's hope they can fix this problem.

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