My Questions

I have create this thread for my questions and all my future questions about this operating system.
I have installed Garuda gaming on my laptop without problems. Also my non steam Windows game works like a charm but one question about this I have.. 1) how to switch the game to full screen mode. When I try this in game it don't work.

After understanding all the new stuff I like to install Garuda gaming on my desktop Gaming PC. It has following components:
Ryzen 7 5800x
RTX 3060
Asus Essence STX soundcard (1st Modell)

  1. Do you think it is better to switch to AMD GPU?
  2. do I have all the features of my RTX card?
  3. Does my soundcard work on Garuda gaming OS ? How big are the chances?
  4. Some games in my steam library I can install but some games not. I'm confused cos I thought I can install and run all my games cos I do have wine and some other stuff in Garuda gaming.


Welcome :slight_smile:

Use live ISO :smiley: for a test.

Ryzen and RTX 3060 work fine here, but just give it a try, also a dual boot is possible :smiley:

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Please learn to do your own research. All of those questions can be answered by searching the forum or Google. Also, please limit your questions to 1 per post. And follow the written instructions regarding garuda-inxi.


sometimes in steam you will need to select it to install within a specific "compatibility layer".

go to the gear(manage) and select properties and under compatibility you will see what i show above. use proton-ge-custom or proton experimental or officially released proton(7.0-4 seems to be latest)
also, make sure you are running "steam-native" not "steam-runtime"


Anyone know how to run benchmark tests in 3dmark (steam)?
I can install it and can run it to 3dmark main screen.