My pc was not booting after installing garuda Linux

Hello there,
I am excited to use garuda linux so i did single boot in my lappy
first time i didn't select any swap file and continued to install,After installation i upgraded garuda using "pacman -Syu" cmd and restarted it......Until then it was went smooth.
When the time of restart i had choosen garuda to boot then it was not booting up it showing first Loading kernal...
Loading initial Ram disk......

I did so many things that usally do in other linux boot issues,when i used some of them garuda logo was showing in lappy and freezing at that point.

I thought i was a problem that i had did in the process of installation.
So i reinstalled garuda But the Same boot issues was coming all over switching off my lappy/restart.

So i switched back to ubuntu dissapointly.

My Lappy specs:
HP Notebook,3.7GB RAM,
AMD® A9-9420 radeon r5, 5 compute cores 2c+3g × 2,
Graphics AMD® Stoney (i don't think this actually working)
500GB HDD.

Thank You :blush:

It's likely that the update pulled in kernel 5.10 which has known issues with amdgpu.

If you try again but skip the kernel update you'll probably find it works fine.


In addition, in order to check your installed system journal, boot to your installer ISO, mount the installed partition root and use this method
Specify a different journal to view


How to skip kernal update bro?
Btw Thank You very much

I didn't understand bro🤷‍♂️
Can u explain it?
Thank You very much bro

Boot to your Garuda installation ISO and chroot to the installation to install another kernel.

chroot steps in garuda linux

  • From live garuda usb
    Find your installed system root partition
bash -c 'lsblk -r -o PATH,FSTYPE | grep btrfs | cut -d\  -f1'

Warning: If the above command shows more than one partition, use full command (lsblk -f) and choose your root partition.

Mount that partition and chroot. Then Install kernel linux-lts and exit chroot.
Example partition /dev/sdc3. Replace with what was found from above.

sudo mkdir -p /mnt
sudo mount /dev/sdc3 /mnt
sudo garuda-chroot /mnt/@

Now you should be chrooted in garuda.
Install kernel and exit.

pacman -Syu linux-lts{,-headers}

Warning: If there were errors out of pacman command, or update-grub was not succesful, report any messages.

Reboot and choose "Advanced options" at the grub menu to select the new kernel.


There were a lot of errors bro what to do?

Have a look at

Cant help without proper information

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Post the errors. That's how we will see what's the problem.


I am currently having a similar issue however i found if i hit ESC while seeing the spinning circle i get the normal cli loader and it actually ends up loading into the gui login ready to be used

still trying on my own to find what is going wrong but it does seem to be related to amdgpu drivers

Please open new thread.

Read the template and post you inxi.

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