My laptop is not booting

My laptop is not booting, it gets to the grub page then to the loading linux-zen page to the garuda loading screen then back the linux zen page briefly then it goes black it stays like that for some minutes and then it shuts down,
And one time it threw those errors before shutting down and i got a photo of it

Can you boot to and restore the latest working snapshot?
If the issue started after installing a package or updating the system, take the one created before performing that action.

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When i shutdown the laptop yesterday everything was working fine this happend when i opened it today, and there are three options when i open a snapshot in grub which one do i choose?

I don't have the system available at the moment and don't remember by heart.
If those are options for the same snapshot, try the "normal" one.


Do you have an sd card in?
Try removing it.

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The first one just loads this same page again instantly

No i don't

Do i use the second or third option

Try the last one.
If not working try this:

Either with tty or most likely chroot.


the snapshot worked

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