My Introduction - :)

Hey Everyone!

Just a post to introduce myself and let you know why I'm here.

I'm my name is Sam, but feel free to call me PS, because I like to be positive :smiley:.

I'm currently on Manjaro, however yet again I've ended up mucking up the theming, tried to fix it, but [email protected] still learning in general, decided to go with the approach of "Find another distro, let's see what else is out there".

I believe I came across your distro in Distrowatch, looking up DE's that use I3, as I want to give that ago, seeing that I'm part web developer, I read apparently that tiling managers are great for developer work flow.
Came across Garuda, looked at the amount of ISOs you have and was extremely impressed, especially with the amount in your team, plus the way that the distros were set up is beautiful, my compliments to all the team!

Anyway, I'll stop rambling, I'm currently on a Surface Book 2 and hoping to use the Linux Surface kernel with the distro, all a learning experience, plus hopefully get my head around how to use a tiling window manager, as currently I'm using gnome (though mainly because that supports HiDPI out the box), so I'll have to do my research on how to configure the HiDPI (any hints would be most appreciated).

However, I'm open to trying the other tiling window mangers such as Awesome or BSPWM, just experimenting with my workflow and seeing if I can be more effective to transition my development on to Linux in general.

I think that's enough from me or I'll have your eyes glued to the screen for hours.

It's nice to meet you all and I look forward to moving on to Garuda, helping others out in the community and if there's anything I can help with in the project, I'll be happy to help, despite doing web development, I'm a huge fan for open source and helping others.

That's me!


Well, I am a web developer too :grin:. And in my opinion, desktop environments don't matter a lot. I tried i3 but you see, you will have to spend some time getting into the workflow.
But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try. They are really excellent when you get used to them.

Btw Welcome


Welcome, and whatever edition you decide upon I think you will like what you find here.


Welcome @positive-season, hope you enjoy your stay here. :wave:
Sam :wink:


Thank you very much! I'll give it a go, and find out what it's like. I'll let you know how I get on, and it's nice to meet a fellow developer. :smiley:

Thank you! :smiley:


I 100% agree, I already love the look of all of them! Everyone has done such a great job!


@sammiev Thank you for the warm welcome, it seems lovely here. :slight_smile:


we can make a android app for forums , i can help in making it , i dont know lot of android app dev , but webview will work


Welcome gotta love the positive vibes :smile:


Hello there .. my name is Angelos . I know personally petsam .
he told about that distro ..

i am using archlinux so i wanted say hello


Welcome :slight_smile:

Γεια σας φίλε μου, χαιρετισμούς @petsam :slight_smile:


danke shon meine Freude ... i kenne wenich Deutch


Hört man :wink:

Yassu file :wink:
Start reading with


Hey there welcome to the forum. Tell the old fart @petsam we miss him and wish he'd hang out on the forum more often.

Any friend of Petsam is a friend of mine.


I'm watching over :smile:. It seems there are no significant problems to help solving :wink:. That sounds a nice thing!


Because most "young" newcomers (~ 340) unload their problems at Telegram and not here in the forum :wink:


I guess so. And I can't "synchronize" with that "workflow" :man_shrugging:


Me too :smiley: :slight_smile:


Join the club, I'm not fond of the telegram chat thing. That's for the young whipersppers.



That's not true anymore. Posts on the forum have really increased with the release of all the new editions. You are one of the best troubleshooters I've seen on any Linux forum.

I'd love to see you participate here a whole lot more. You are better than almost anyone I know at solving complex problems.

You used to produce such great works that you released for people to use. Are you working on any projects these days. Why not start up something to keep yourself stimulated that you can release for Garuda. I love your work, and you need to be more engaged in times like these where restrictions make it difficult to socialize.

You are one of the great ones, don't let your talents go to waste.

Cheers my friend. :beers: