My Feedback about Garuda and their Flavors

I'm exploring Garuda for a week, discovered by YouTuber "Mental Outlaw"

I was a former Manjaro user, now Garuda is my main distro.

First, Garuda is suitable for Low End PC's, my Notebook handles well, any version of them.

KDE is more for a Widescreen Display, for small ones i don't recommend.

Gnome one, i had to install extensions, but was buggy.

XFCE and Mate came with default theme, not the wonderful Candy Sweet Theme.

But in general Garuda does great, is a out of box distro, easy as Linux Mint.

My recommendation is either fix the Gnome version, of remove it.

On Manjaro there is an Layout Switch Feature, would be great, but i know Gnome 42 is buggy.

About Kvantum, i not familiar with this, only know that some KDE Apps i need to set theme with it.

I don't agree with this. It highly depends on which KDE layout you choose. If you are using a mac-like layout with 'Global Menus' activated you gain more screen real estate. Also, KDE is one of the few that allows you to resize all windows and remember the size/placement, a highly customizable OS.


Yep, the Global Menu, but the regular Windows one works fine

Welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for your assessment.

This has zero significance unless your notebooks meet the minimum requirements specified on the download page. :slight_smile:
Without these minimum requirements Garuda will not be installed at all.


GNOME must fix GNOME :smiley:

Just like i3wm, not everyone loves the flashy colorful.

But your feedback is just based on your personal taste and if we would cater for each user we would have 50 000 different versions of each desktop envirament :smiley:

Or none at all if we removed them once a problem occurs.

This is probably true for most users here.
The normal way is M$, Ubuntu, Mint, Manjaro, Garuda, or shorter.
Because Garuda hasn't been around that long either. :slight_smile:


Exactly what I thought :+1:t3:


Don’t count on it​:joy:


Yep is more my experience, but i'm not talking bad about it.
I Loved Garuda, really great experience.


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