My 2 cents on the Linux Expansion!

Wo-ho-how! I'm so excited!
For the first time ever I'll be able to install a linux OS on a friend's pc and it's so amazing to be able to help, both my friend and the overlord dominance of the Linus Torvald way over the planet Earth (and beyond, as linux is often sent to space :p)

I just want to cheer with you guys this achievement on my linux-user-career; and yes, my friend himself asked me to install it so I'm not even having to convince him linux is better.

I'm only a bit sad because... well, he's a complete noob, Garuda will blow his face in like a week and he'll probably brick the stuff out of his computer xD
OFC I'm gonna show off my Garuda installation to him tho UwU

But that got me thinking, which DE and OS would be best? We speak portuguese, so maybe it should be something that's translated? Something stable like ubuntu or stubbornly stable like debian?
Feel free to throw in your 2 cents on this. =3

With joy,


There is only one God, his name is
Garuda Linux.

Thanks to Snapper, you can fix anything.

Why recommend anything else here?
Everyone has to decide for themselves, because everyone has different tastes.
In my opinion, these enquiries are pointless.
Ask a hundred people and you get a hundred different opinions, does that help?


There is nothing else !!!!


Listen, he doesn't really speak ANY english, people xD on the first corrupted pgp he will get stuck and anyways i don't really know if he'll ever ever update the system.
We have to play safe with noobies :joy: :joy: :joy:

But yeah, Garuda is top of the line. He'll probably want it when I show my guest user to him.

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Yes, really. Unless you choose an obscure or do-it-yourself distro, anything is doable on any distro, just a bit easier or harder.


Gentoo seems like a safe bet.

But to be serial: I'm running Garuda in German right now and it's still a lot of English. A quick search revealed that there is a distro that would probably check all your boxes, called "BigLinux". It's developed in Brazil and is available completely translated (it seems, don't call me if you find something English in there as well). According to distrowatch it is based on Manjaro, an article I found says it's based on Debian, I have no idea.

Just search for it, maybe it's what you're looking for, who knows.


"gentoo" and "noob" shouldn't go together.


It would be a superb prank tho xD

Oh yeah, good call. I've completely forgotten about BigL, I've even stumped upon the main dev on a random youtube video xD he's a nice guy.
I'll give it a try.
Also, far as I know, it's Debian, unless they've changed their base.


I thought the joke was obvious tbh ^^

Could also try Lfs :smile:

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Sure it should, but make sure to have a great screen capture for cheering the battle :rofl:

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I don't know if I would wish Gentoo on my enemy. Well, maybe. :thinking: "F*ck! 10 hours to install Firefox!!! I hate YOU!!!"

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10 creepying hours to install a fricking browser? You're being hysterical xD

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In my 20s I installed it more out of a "lets see if I can" curiosity. And it actually worked! Had awesomeDM with it and everything. Just sticking to the installation-manual my OS was good to go in only ~ 2-3 days work.

But then I couldn't update for two weeks since I wasn't home and when I got back to it and did, the update broke the system. I'm fairly sure there was a solution, maybe even a simple one, but you know... The whole idea of compiling everything yourself seemed a little unpractical for my personal use and I happily returned to simple ol' Arch Linux xD


Your experience mirrored my own. Concept is sound, the execution though, not for me. A distro has to fit YOU and your personality to some degree, which is why I choose Garuda. Stability, functionality and a bit of...CHAOS!!! :rofl:


just teach him to update and roll back to a working snapshot (also how to create one specificly, it would be a good idea).

and tell him not to tinker too much. all should be good.

don't take that serial advice :slight_smile:

boa sorte e que tudo corra bem !

gentoo offtopic... I love gentoo.. the only issue with it is really the compilation times. which nowadays are almost a non issue, except for some players that want to keep gentoo down :slight_smile: ( google with chromium and relative packages like qtwebengine ). Firefox compiles in 15 minutes here.

my cerial advice: install gentoo or nixos!

Firefox compiles faster than chromium?
How much is the difference?

hum... firefox always compiled faster than chromium.... chromium is a beast to compile... its the only compilation that scares me :stuck_out_tongue:

between compilation times? last I remembered, chromium was about 2 hours and half. i just don't do it anymore :slight_smile: firefox and for chromium alternative, i use brave (which is binary) (there is chromium-binary too, but ... whatever)

well.. that or I just use calculate linux, which has binaries for every package and a template toolkit (think ansible, but tailored completely for gentoo and calculate). but then I don't have my rolls unlooped!!!! :frowning: sniff sad face! Welcome to Gentoo is Rice, the Volume goes to 11 here.

( notice, I do have my rools kinda unlooped on garuda, because I use the x86-64_v3 ahlp repos )


I gave up on Gentoo because I couldn't compile a browser, if I had chosen Firefox instead of Chromium perhaps I would be a Gentoo user now :joy:


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