My 1st experience in garuda

i love to use gaduda not its our country made its good but i love gaduda becuase its very stable experice then i use before linux like mx linux so there are so many bugs experiece in mx linux is not grate like font is not familer if you come linux after windows and some bugs like sound continueou increase when max sound bar reach shown and sometime system not shut donw properly but in garuda is very good in this department. i am new user of linux so i am a beginer in linux os if anyone have any tips that i not know please share for educate me or other who beginer


Seems like a great source for Information :slight_smile: welcome!


thank you for link its help me

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Welcome to Garuda.

Those who like to learn, will find no better OS than an Arch based system. You must put in some effort to learn though, as rolling distros are not set and forget.

The Arch wiki is the best Linux resource for learning although it is very technically oriented.

Keep up the good work. You seem to be off to a great start.


Ah yes my favorite distro garduda. :joy:

Really enjoying the work,you fine gentlemen are doing,built a little monster,have ran several distros,and finally have my daily setup, and rocking,looking forward to future advancements


Nice to read, greetings from the monster baker :wink:

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