"Must-have" tools/packages

I'd like to get suggestions on what you peeps think are a couple of "must-haves". Like, what are the first apps you download when the OS is set-up and good to go?

For example: what is your favourite text editor? Preferred archive program?

Before i3wm was neutered to "lite", all programs I needed were available in the "ultimate" version. :smiley:

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Are we including the AUR?

I always install gparted first thing on the KDE Lite version, KPM is too unreliable IMO.

Also smplayer with the skins and themes packages. Best video player by far.

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Hehe that sucks. Isn't there a script you can run to get all the stuffs? :wink:

Yes, including AUR, Snap, Flatpak... whatever you like :cowboy_hat_face:

VScode, GitHub Desktop, Spotify-adblock, Telegram Desktop + Garuda-virtualbox :grin:

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You can install GitHub Desktop on supported Windows or macOS operating systems. :scream:


Yep its available there as well, quite nice to see :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, wat? This is a thing?

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I'll probably miss a couple, but here goes:

 VSCode (Program editor)
Featherpad	(text editor)
Audacious (GTK) Music player
GIMP (art)
Inkscape (vector art)
Sigil (epub editor)
Seamonkey (for compose) (html editor)
LibreOffice (in case not already there)
conky-cairo (AUR)
conkywx (AUR)
jq (CLI json tool)
yad (script dialog access)

Yes its in the repo, quite useful if the browser isnt used :grin:


Visual Studio Code? I don't know how to code (unfortunately), but I like when I get colored text when editing files... it makes it so much easier to read, imo.

Just had a look at it and I think Imma give it a go :sunglasses:

I prefer atom. It's probably not the lightest and its also overkill for what my tasks are but, as I mentioned, I like it because it's easy to read.


Also part of my reason for Featherpad - it has syntax highlighting, and even a dark mode... like so:

As for VSCode - it has very good syntax highlight system - and even a user-created 'theme' for conky and conkywx - which certainly helps.

I wish you well with conkywx - it is certainly capable - but not entirely free of effort and a form of scripting. It can create a LOT of different looks though - I'll search through the screenshots for an example or two :grin:

Am available for help with conkywx if you get 'stuck' - but if you remember killall conky for when things aren't what you expect, you'll be fine!

Edit: Here's a link to some conkywx in action...