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as Arch is for me totaly unknown I meet some difficulties to extend my system (also because I did not know before what the 2 stages of postinstallation offered will offer me. I did for ex. install Abiword but forget Gnumeric...). And I would like to add and use a "light" theme like the light theme from (Garuda) forum, as well as diverses little app's I am using in my other linux'es. There are:

  • light theme
  • Tamil fonts (is the Abiword 3.0.5 able to write Indian fonts (I don't need some Input Methode as I am accostumed to enter the right keys for Tamil directly into the keyboard using the in Garuda offered layout)
  • didiwiki
  • mTpaint
  • mHwaveedit
  • Nted
  • refracta-installer (offers the ability to start your installation directly from RAM through USB-start of your ISO; start directly from RAM make you free from new cookies: you accept and includes the cookies needing to start and each next start is only the next start from the unchanged content of your own iso with those "yesterday" cookies!
  • tesseract OCR and gImagereader (as well as probably xsane to work as I am accostumed)

I know that those objective need different actions but I don't know which ones are needing in Garuda to make that fast and simple!

I could certainly support a lighter theme, given summer's approach. :+1:

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Personally, I couldn't think of a bigger waste of development time than a light mode​:joy:

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That's because you're...grimy.

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