Monitor Overclock with Nvidia GPU not working

I followed this video Overclock your monitor with an NVIDIA GPU! Windows and Linux Guide - YouTube
It works well on POP_OS! But no change on Garuda. Also not working on Fedora. Yes, I have 3 Distro up to date. Driver version is the same. Only difference that on Fedora GreenWithEnvy is not spinning funs as it should. But that another story

Help me pls with Garuda

I don't really want to watch a YouTube tutorial for a different distro and work out what's wrong with it. :weary:

Have you asked the person who made the video why it doesn't work on Garuda or Fedora?

Or have you looked elsewhere for something that's specific to Arch-based distros?

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That video from 2016... and last video on channel 2 years old. But you right I should ask him too
I also watched fresher video like that one in Russian Разгон монитора на Linux с видеокартой Nvidia. - YouTube author use Arch BTW, so I guess it is not about something specific to Arch-based distros and Fedora is not Arch-based

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