Missing Update script

I've been using Garuda for several months now and am enjoying it. Over the last several days, I noticed that I'm noi longer able to call up the update command from cli like I used to. Has this script been depricated? The response from Garuda Settings is:
"/bin/bash: line 1: update: command not found"
Looking in /usr/bin/, I note that update is not there.
Please advise.
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Update is part of garuda-common-settings.

I think you could reinstall that package...


What is the best way to install this? Reinstall all packages from the Garuda Settings? That idea seems to be brute force though.

From the Garuda Settings GUI, clicking update says" /bin/bash: line 1: update: command not found
Press enter to exit"

The picture you posted with your terminal output is miniscule. I'm only on my cell phone and I couldn't read that output without a telescope. Please never post terminal outputs as a picture unless your system is unbootable. Even then it is often possible to post in a textual format.

Please edit your initial post to remove the picture and replace it with the proper textual output.

Failing to meet the posting guidlines of the forum could result in your post being locked. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Changed. I'm just trying to request assistance.

How do you delete it?

Copy it from filo's link and paste it in /usr/bin.

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I don't see any risks in reinstalling that package.
It is continuously updated anyway...


I did not delete update. I'm not even sure what it is. Is it a file "update.sh"? I used to run it from the cli as simply the comand "update" or from the Garuda Settings. I only use update to update my desktop at least weekly. One of the "updates" removed it. I can copy the script from as directed but how to I change update.sh into running it as "update"? Please provide directions.
Thank you

Yes, that's a bit more concerning




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I realize that and I'm not trying to be rude, but if this rule wasn't enforced every help request would contain pictures instead of text. There are very important reasons why text is required instead of pics.

Pictures containing error outputs cannot be copied and pasted into a search engine to locate a fix. Pictures are often unreadable (especially for those with impaired vision or using a portable device with a small screen).

Pictures or videos are simply a detriment to finding an answer to most help requests, and their usage is greatly frowned upon for technical help requests.

sudo pacman -S garuda-common-settings

In terminal.


Uoderstood. I have to admit though that I hate reading forums which have pages of text from logs included in the assistance request. A couple of lines is ok but there has to be a limit on how much text. I just find pictures to be more efficient, but understand the rules.
your help did not suggest that I had to change the update file to be executable. What I find discerning is why did the update file get removed during one of the "updates" I only use it for updating. Is this wrong? Should I use another approach like "paru" for updates?

No update remove "update".

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Thank you, I figured out how to just download the file directly using the previous link. I just copied the "update" file to /usr/bin as instructed and did a chmod +x to make it executable.

Don't worry, if you add ~~~ before and after the text block it will look much better...


I appreciate your guidance. I'm still learning the ropes on how to deal with github and the like.

33,000 or 38,000 chars, if more you can use Private Bin, upper right.

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