Misc tips for avoiding computer problems

Solid state drives definitely have a far lower failure rate compared to mechanical drives. Unfortunately, the negative aspect of SSD’s is they are extremely hard to recover data from. Solid state drives have a great reputation for reliability, but even they can suffer premature failure. A brand new SSD literally melted down inside my sons tower computer. As smoke started coming from the computer I quickly pulled the plug before the thing had the time to catch on fire. So, please don’t tell me SSD’s are bulletproof, because it was fortunate I was home or the whole house could have gone up in smoke. Oh ya, that was on a Windows machine BTW.

NTFS drives can be corrupted quite easily in Linux, especially if you download movies or music that contain non-standard characters that Windows doesn’t support. Fat32 formatted drives can be easily corrupted if you attempt to transfer an ISO or movie onto it over 4 GB in size. You really don’t need to try that hard to break either antiquated Windows file system.

It’s actually pretty easy to corrupt Windows formatted drives if you use them in Linux regularly. Of course most times the corrupted drive can be corrected by using ntfsfix or with the Windows check disk utility. If you think I’m telling stories search the forum for posts containing “NTFS”. You will find a lot of recent posts where the NTFS drive couldn’t be mounted in Linux because of file corruption problems. Usually, the file corruption can be corrected, but not always. There’s the rub, if the drive corruption can’t be corrected you just lost all your data.

We don’t recommend our users dual boot with Windows. It is our prerogative to decide what we support on our forum. Dual booting with Windows is considered unsupported on our distro. Feel free to do whatever you chose on your own machine. However, if you insist on running Windows with Garuda and your system breaks - you broke it, you bought it. We provide a perfectly tuned Arch experience out of the box, and if you mess it up by running a dual boot that’s on you.

Look at it this way buddy. You buy a brand new automobile with a gas engine. You go home and then think, hey I should have bought a hybrid. I mean, two engines is better than one, right. So you proceed to installing a battery assist drive train to lower your fuel costs. Well guess what the dealership would say when you broke your vehicle and tried to get it fixed under the manufacturers warranty. They’d laugh you out of their service garage for doing something so stupid to a brand new car that was running great when they sold it to you.

We provide a finely tuned high performance Linux experience. You want to break it by dual booting, go ahead and fill your boots. Just don’t come crying to us if things go sideways.