Minimum requirements listed on website - too low?

On the Downloads page, I note that it says:

For Ultimate editions we recommend a minimum of 6 GB of RAM and 20 GB of Storage Space.

20 GB may be too low a minimum size if the iso is not refreshed frequently, resulting in a large accumulation of updates. And don't forget you have set Timeshift to make a snapshot before an update takes place.

My experience: I downloaded KDE Ultimate to test in Virtualbox. This iso is dated 31 Aug 2020, which is 3 weeks ago. I set the VM storage size at around 25 GB Storage.

On first bootup, IIRC, the conky indicated a figure of around 17GB as used storage.

Upon initiating the first update after installation, I noted that the download size for the updates was HUGE (I think it was 6GB - I remember being very surprised) and wouldn't leave much breathing space.

I decided to remove Thunderbird, Wine, Proton packages (pamac indicated the wine and proton stuff were the largest packages installed) before commencing the update. I set timeshift to only keep one snapshot.

Even then, after this first update, I'm currently down to just 3+ GB free space. That is uncomfortably tight. If I had set the VM size at 20GB, I'm not sure it would have been enough space for that first round of updates.

Not sure what is going to happen when I do the second round of updates. When I have time that is. Or who knows, I may just wipe the VM.

I did a second VM install, this time on my laptop. I gave it 40GB storage, didn't remove any packages but limited timeshift to 1 snapshot. Much better breathing space.

I think it will be safer to recommend a minimum size of at least 30-35GB for KDE Ultimate.


Okay we will just double the requirements


Thinking further, doubling it to 40 GB is certainly the bare minimum because what if the user installed it with swap partition?

I chose not to install with swap partition in my 2 tests.


I am so glad to see you testing Garuda @wongs. It is great to have such experienced users as yourself providing feedback.

Thanks Wong's.

I agree 20 GB is too skimpy.