Minecraft drivers error

Hello I've been using garuda linux kde dragonized edition for my gaming/school purpose. my one of my favorite game is minecraft and I tried to install the tlauncher but while launching gaming There's an error like this 'GLFW error 65543 GLX failed to create context: GLX badconfig (please make sure you have up-to-date drivers (see aka.ms/mcdriver) Please help me.Thank you

Please make sure you have up-to-date drivers (see aka.ms/mcdriver)

Or you can just use another launcher like Salwyrr and see if it works.

Yes I know But when I go to intel.com drivers they only have .exe files can u help me or just send me the link of the linux file of the drivers..thank you

Hi, Yesterday I sent a message about the minecraft drivers error But when I went to Intel drivers website to install there were only .exe files. Can you please send me the intel drivers link of .deb files Thank you.

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We do not use deb packages.

I'm so sorry but I need intel drivers for linux

It is included in video-linux which can be installed through Garuda Settings Manager.

Please check if this helps

In general there are many hits related to Linux searching for your error message.