Mina from Switzerland says hello!

Hello to all and especially to the lovely makers of Garuda!

I'm a long time Linux user, the last years mainly on Kubuntu. I read an article about Garuda at itsfoss and I absolutely adored the screenshots and the fact that it is a "gentler" variant of Arch.

Having used it for a couple of days, I have to say: I am impressed.

I'm looking forward to some nice talk, fun and help where I need it or can provide it.

Kisses to all



Hi Mina.

I was also impressed by the characteristics of Garuda.
I just installed it 4 days ago.

Que tengas un feliz viernes.


¡Vos también!¿Sos de Baires?

¡Un abrazote desde el otro lado del charco!

Río Cuarto, Córdoba.

Saludos desde las Pampas.

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¡No me digas! Yo estuve una vez en Rio IV hace muuuchos años y viví un año en Córdoba (Capital). Las últimas veces que estuve en el país fue más en Buenos Aires, ya que tengo familia allí, pero me siguen gustando el Fernet y el mate con peperina.

Then you should appreciate Garuda.

As an established vanilla Arch user, I can tell you that Garuda is nothing if not a much more aggressive* "variant of Arch." :smiley:

In reality, Arch may be the package base, but Garuda stands very well on its own merits.

Nice to meet you, @Mina. Welcome to Garuda Linux!

*aggressive is apparently my WoTD.


Thank you @c00ter for the warm welcome! :heart:

I very much have this impression, and I am amazed with the job, this rather small team has pulled off.