Migrating from Win10 to Garuda

Hi, I am trying to migrate from Win10 to Garuda, and I have several issues. I tried to make bootable USB by Rufus 3.11, 3.13 and 3.14, but the only result is ~4 mb space of USB used and two empty partitions. Then I tried UltraIso. At first look it write USB image correct, but when I tried to boot from it, blue screen of GRUB showed NO SUITABLE KERNELS AVAILABLE. I looked for a solutions on this forum, but all of the same cases happend, when people migrated from Linux to Linux. I have not another system, I have not Suse image writer or Etcher. Only Win10 instruments. I never used Linux before. Help me, please. English is not my main language, so I am sorry for mistakes. Thanks in advance.

Balena etcher is available also for Windows, go for it!
Don't forget to also verify the checksum of the ISO image you downloaded.
I'm sure this can be done from Windows as well.
Good luck!

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Hi there, welcome to the community.

You don't have to worry about that, it is because of the fact that windows can't recognize that partition or partition table. But it is completely normal.

Why, you can easily install Balena Etcher for windows 10, I guess.


Ok, thank you. I will try it tomorrow and feed back.

That's what I would recommend, Etcher is by far the most reliable. However, you might want to actually try booting into a Rufus burnt instance and see if it works, because it always looks like one partition in Windows.


Thank you too, I will try Rufus again and try to find Balena Etcher for Win10 tomorrow and feed back.

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Tell me, are the garuda-downloader work in Win too. IIRC I read this, but I am confused :smiley:

Or Ventoy do it?

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Thank you too. I am very glad of community of Garuda OS. I will try to find Etcher and run Rufus again and feed back.

I am sorry, I think I can`t understand your question. I downloaded Garuda ISO from official website and trying to write it on USB. Then I will install it on a completely new HDD just from shop. I have another HDD with Win10. HDD with Garuda and HDD with WIn10 will never work together. I hope, I will never need HDD with WIn10 after migration to Garuda. Thank you.

I don't talk to you :slight_smile: I talk to Naman.


Oh, sorry :sweat_smile:

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We still have to install etcher to launch it. Also, if etcher is not installed, than the button grey out. Maybe @TNE can explain better.

Never mind.


It should work. On the 1st version I had tested, it was downloading Etcher (in Linux, as AppImage).
We should ask for feedback from a Win user. :man_shrugging:


@petsam @Vigilante @SGS
I should have all of the software you are referring to (and many more) installed on one of my Window machines as well as on Arch Linux.

  • Rufus works with default settings - I used Rufus (packaged by PortableApps.com) to install a current Garuda ISO.
  • Ventoy did not work for me and had me stuck at the splash screen (tested with an older ISO).
  • Etcher does not even display advanced options and should work well. It is great for beginners who would be overwhelmed by the sight of the settings in Rufus.

If wanted, I have installed and could test many more image writing applications.


Some reference material for someone using Windows to make a bootable Linux ISO USB.

5 Free Tools to burn Linux ISO to USB in Windows 10

As someone else said, VERIFY the checksum (md5sum, sha1sum, or whatever), BEFORE you burn the ISO file to USB... @Vigilante


How to Perform Shasum Checks in Windows 10


its in terminal when you don't get it with easy software

xcopy /S c:\folderpath\ E:\folderpath

Where C: is your windows directory and E: is your USB

The /S switch means subdirectories.

only in windows

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Tried to verify the checksum, and it is not correct. Trying to redownload. Thank you


Ok, now it is correct. Will try again and feed back

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Thank you all for replies! I redownload Garuda and write on USB with Rufus. It is true, that two empty partitions displaying in Win10 is normal. So now I am a member of Garuda community. Thank you all!


I believe Paragon software has a windows driver for Linux filesystems. You can install it in trial and confirm the partitions are there. Which is what you want, to confirm all is there.

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