Meshroom AUR help

Meshroom from the AUR has issues with unresolved dependencies, build failed with these not being completed:
-> cuda these dependencies were not resolved by the install, had to do them separate
-> popsift
-> uncertainty-framework
-> magma

I was able to install the missing dependencies then rebuild Meshroom. It requires another big item called Alicevision. After install, Meshroom doesn't have any desktop file installed, but even from command line there seems to be a bunch of other system configurations required to make it work.

Has anyone else already solved this problem? It seems I need to create a custom script to set up the environment for running Meshroom, and part of that includes some Alicevision configuration too. <- meshroom depends heavily on this framework
meshroom/ at develop · alicevision/meshroom · GitHub <- environment stuff I mentioned

I looked for help on various web sites that tried to walk me through setting up these scripts, but they all seem to be expecting systems configured in an Ubuntu or Debian kind of way. I was hoping there was someone else who already resolved this for Garuda KDE Dr460nized.

I thought some of my issues might be related to having built Meshroom to have it fail, then building again after install of the items that were missing. The AUR just doesn't seem to finish setting up what's needed to actually run the software and It wasn't obvious, running the program fails, there are two executables, it wasn't just that there were missing desktop files, these just don't execute without something else:

fish: “meshroom_compute” terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error)

fish: “meshroom_photogrammetry” terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error)

It was remotely possible that the address boundary error is related to fish shell, based on my google searches, but either way I still can't execute the processes.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

Do you try pacman?


I have only been using the built in package manager since I am new to arch based distros and hadn't used pacman before.

I can search for the commands for pacman, but I didn't know if future updates would have to be manual too if I did it that way so I had been avoiding it, I liked the ease of having the package manager to track this stuff.