Merchandising for education

Wouldn't the Garuda team do some merchandising and sell printed t-shirts, posters or stickers?

I am aware that this does not correspond to the philosophy of the Garuda team, which does not depend on income or for other reasons forego income.

Assuming the case, purely hypothetically, that the Garuda team would get involved, the proceeds could go as donations to educational institutions in infrastructural less developed areas.

Education is the best / only way to participate in modern society.

I would be one of the first to order Garuda t-shirts.

Please excuse the reading time that you may have just wasted.


This is a great idea IMHO.

  • We have a great artist for this task.
  • The "looks" of Garuda default appearance is one of the reasons attracting media and users, which proves Garuda aesthetics is above average.
  • Selling T-shirts and other accessories is a pure and ethical way of promoting and funding the distro
  • There can be variable charging (setting prices) perspectives. The team can select what best fits.
  • Usage of resulting income can be split in percentages for each cause, for example 50% for donations 50% for running expenses or other.

Well, if somebody has the time to do it - make it happen

IDK about it it doesnt seem right with a linux distro.
But will it be donated to wikipedia?

But will it donate to Wikipedia?

Why Wikipedia?
What does it have to do with Garuda?
Your posts are getting weirder and weirder.

Normal expenses that are imposed on you these days when you want to distribute software.

30 % to apple
30 % to google
10 % to PayPal
30 % Tax


I may be conservative, but also open to everything new.
No risk, no fun, no future :grin:


I went looking for Garuda merchandise recently and was surprised not to find any (I want stickers :). Compared to other distributions, I strongly suspect a higher than average number of Garuda users would be interested in merchandise.

Perhaps something could be set up quite quickly using a service like Redbubble, et al -- prior to developing your own ecommerce capability, if you decide to eventually do that in order to increase margins.

I would like to get a T-shirt with the Garuda dragon logo on login :slight_smile:

Do y'all have any merchandise yet?

Just not a priority for this distro. I'm not saying it won't happen at some point in the future, but it's just way on the backburner.


just gonna leave this here


Sounds good,

Real Embroidery

Forget the cheap, printed T-shirts. This is real embroidery on a quality, 100% cotton shirt which you can use for a long time.

I think to buy some Man.... :rofl: :joy:

Would be cool if they could embroider baseball caps too.

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why not ask them? They seem willing enough to do a lot of things.


But I would prefer a producer in Germany :slight_smile:

Ein Produzent in Deutschland wäre mir aber am liebsten :slight_smile:


I don't think many shops with that kind of flexibility and quality exist. It's pretty cool that they

  1. Sell 100% cotton shirts
  2. with braided logos
  3. of any distro

Edit: Alternatively this might be an option, but I don't believe that they sell stuff with a specific distro's logo


Did you buy something from them?
We will ask some distro maintainer about the quality, missing EnOS :wink:
You also have to check the terms of the contract, etc. pp.


I have to admit I never bought anything off them, but it's not easy to find manufacturers of braided 100% cotton clothing. You either get plastics included or a printed on crap logo.

That might be a good idea :wink:

Didn't really see any officially marked terms on their website, though the developer section explains what they do and stuff. Seems pretty reasonable

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I just noticed this:

Would you like to offer your users embroidered shirts, sweaters and other clothes […]

I think baseball caps would comfortably fit into the “other clothes” category

  • S size - only 1 piece in stock
  • M size - only 3 pcs in stock
  • L size - only 4 pcs in stock
  • XL size - out of stock and we can't get it now
  • 2XL size - out of stock and we can't get it now

Would you buy a small polo shirt with small Logo :wink: for 58 €?
Normal shipping coast are 25 € in Europe (9.90€ today).

For India

Your Arch Linux Polo Shirt (black) - S size 38 USD
Shipping from the European Union to India (0.3 kg) change country
Add something to your cart, the shipping cost stays the same! 19.9 USD
Total sum: 57.9 USD
My size is no longer available :smiley: :rofl:

lol i want a sticker that looks like the standerd windows sticker that comes on a prebuilts lol